The passing of the Lorelias comet signalled the coming of a new era - one marked by a relendless battle for survival. The sapphire colossus was last seen more than three centuries ago - while it torched the skies, spilling its mana-filled insides across the entire planet.

Wizard Survival takes place during a planet-wide cataclysmic event caused by the passing of the Lorelias comet. Every couple of centuries, the fiery comets magical fragments end up scattered across the planet, corrupting everything in it’s path - unless stopped by wizards.

The game is set on the subcontinent of Atheria - a vast landmass mostly populated by human denizens. History of the Atherian realm is written in blood and mana - Kingdoms and Empires rose and fell because of wizardry, societies formed and cultures thrived fueled by magic. If you'd like to learn more about the lore of Wizard Survival, click on the picture to download the free lorebook.

Imagine a bright white star, a glowing, ivory dwarf locked in a stellar dance with a colossal red giant. Now, visualise a planet orbiting the white and red dyad. Picture a blue, eerie comet passing near that celestial body, shredding it’s mana-enriched guts across the planet's primeval continents and azure oceans - as it has since the beginning of Time itself.

Let's look a bit closer at this fantasy world. Behold - the vast subcontinent of Atheria, home of the Amurelden people - once again caught in the midst of a Lorelias comet crisis. Once again preparing for the inevitable invasion.

That is the world of Wizard Survival, a tabletop card game designed for two to four players. Each player controls a single, extremely powerful wizard, a solitary hero capable of saving his ancestral home from the impending, merciless doom - countless hordes of mana-infected monsters. Fundamental to the gaming experience are the Wizard Survival’s two core features - its immersive story and it's exceptionally well balanced mechanics.

The game's story is like a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant - the in-depth Atherian lore emerged from the game’s extensively tested, passionately crafted mechanics. Accompanied by beautiful, original art, the creative myriad final result is a lore-rich, skilfully, passionately designed game - one that bestows infinite replayability and hoursupon hours of fun.


  • Unique wizards - Choose from 6 wizards, each a master of one of the 6 magic schools.
  • Ancient rings - Each wizard wears 1 of 6 ancient rings to expand their powers in a unique way.
  • Magic spells - With the power of air, nature, fire, water, dark and light mana players can defend themselves using the 56 unique magical spells.
  • Monsters - Defend yourself from waves of random monsters, each armed with unique abilities that will push you to your limits.
  • Multiple game modes - Played as Last Man Standing survival or as Cooperative survival VS. powerful bosses, Wizard Survival offers different gameplay options to suit your groups needs.
  • Replayability - With random spells and monsters no two games of Wizard Survival are the same - whether in Survival Mode or Cooperative Mode each game is unique.


  • 16 rage tokens
  • 16 wound tokens
  • 6 large wizard cards
  • 4 large boss cards
  • 1 six sided dice
  • 6 sizard cards
  • 6 ring cards
  • 56 spell cards
  • 4 boss cards
  • 27 monster cards
  • 48 mana gem tokens
  • 1 instruction manual


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